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"I will assist you with creating a balanced, fulfilling, and joyful life for yourself, one thought at a time."

Create Your Reality Coaching

Your reality is created from the inside out
When I say your thoughts create your reality, I am not talking about a mystical, nebulous process. 

I simply mean:
- what you think affects how you feel
- how you feel affects how you view the world
- and this is how you create your own version of reality
The challenge is from the moment you are conscious, your super-efficient brain begins taking in information, processing and categorizing it for future use. Activities that you routinely perform are mapped and deeply ingrained neuro-pathways are established.  After time, you engage in these activities without consciously processing information.

The same is true with thoughts that you routinely think in response to outside occurrences. The stimulus/thought response habit is mapped, neuro-pathways are formed and you have emotional reactions to thoughts that you are not consciously aware of having.
Your thoughts control everything! 
- Whether or not you achieve a goal is determined by your thoughts.
- How you react to people and situations is controlled by your thoughts.
- How you feel about yourself, your ability to succeed, and how loveable
   you are all
are set by your thoughts.
If your childhood experiences led you to believe that making mistakes was akin to death, your subconscious thought habit will ensure your survival by making you averse to doing anything that could potentially result in a less than perfect outcome.

And, as if that is not harmful enough, on a subconscious level you are so convinced that your map of reality is correct, you pull evidence from the outside world to validate it. If your experiences led you to believe that you were unlovable, you will look for evidence to validate this and perhaps attract people to you who are incapable of loving.
The good news is you have the power to rewrite your
internal map of reality, and I want to help you.
As your coach, I will guide you towards identifying and altering detrimental thought processes and limiting beliefs that are
causing you to react, behave, and make choices that are not aligned with your heart’s desire. I will help you find the keys to unlock your mind and begin creating the reality you want. 

Redrawing sections of your internal map is a scary process. It might feel as if your entire world is falling apart. And in a way it is. From your subconscious’ viewpoint the unknown is a dangerous place and it reacts in a way that is intended to protect you. Feelings of discomfort, anxiousness, fear, and self-doubt are signs that your subconscious is trying to keep your map intact.
I will assist you in recognizing these emotions for
what they are and support and guide you as you move forward.
I do more than
just listen, I give you feedback, perspective and suggestions.
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