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"I will assist you with creating a balanced, fulfilling, and joyful life for yourself, one thought at a time."
I do more than listen to my clients, 
I give them feedback, perspective and guidance
Because we will be working closely together it is important that we have a rapport and that my approach and coaching style are a fit for you. Typically we will know after this introductory call if there is a match. If for any reason there is no match, we are under no obligation to work together.  

Coaching is a process of self-exploration, discovery and growth, so it is preferred that you make an initial three-month commitment to give yourself time to uncover and alter the detrimental thought habits that are causing you to react, behave, and make choices that are not aligned with your heart’s desire.
Single Session: 
$55.00 for 1 - 45-minute session

4 - 45 minute sessions - $198.00 ($49.50 each)
- Includes post session email follow up summarizing your discoveries, breakthroughs, areas
  of continued focus, and targets for the week. 
I will assist you in recognizing these emotions for
what they are and support and guide you as you move forward.
I do more than
just listen, I give you feedback, perspective and suggestions.
Contact me to set up a free 30-minute, no obligation introductory call.